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I originally posted this last night and took it down and posted something in its place. That's now gone as well. This is probably not making much sense... basically I'd like to give my wonderful sponsor 20th Century Foxy their opportunity in the limelight at the top of my blog, and will promise my lovely readers that I will ensure this blog is filled with more than just sponsor posts in the New Year. Thanks for bearing with me :)

Ahoy from my snow-bound living room, where I am sitting wearing an outfit that can in no way whatsoever be described as vintage, being made up of many layers and a *gasp* fleece monstrosity that belonged to my Dad... but I am warm, so who cares! I am saving all my glamour up for tonight's Chap Ball, and still need to repair a moth hole in my gown and glue a hair accessory to a clip before I can truly say I am prepared. I hope to see lots of gorgeous Chaps and Chapettes there! But on the subject of parties and outfits, I would just like to draw my readers' attention to a fine emporium, who have been one of my sponsors for a couple of months now.

20th Century Foxy is run by a very savvy lady called Clare, and her shop strikes the perfect balance of dresses and separates that embody the slinky, wiggle skirted vintage-inspired looks, and those authentic reproductions. She stocks pieces by British label Tara Starlet as well as US-based lines Stop Staring, and Trashy Diva, saving you the hassle and extra customs fees of ordering from America. At this time of year, I don't know about you,but I need little encouragement to dress up to the absolute nines, and 20th Century Foxy has so many lovely party-appropriate dresses, that I've decided to do a feature on those!

The aptly named Party Dresses section has some lovely, shiny, wiggly numbers. I love a shoulder detail, and here there are three possibilities! The one-shouldered Ava, the satin swag-shouldered Harlow and Tara Starlet's shoulder-embellished 40s gown in a lovely, wearable shade.  I also added the femme fatale-eque Lolita dress, which can be dressed up with some contrasting red accessories! Stop Staring dresses are very sculpting, and really make the most of one's figure. It's a look I don't often go for myself, but one I admire very much on others!

Regular readers will know that I am particularly fond of day dresses, and have no qualms wearing them to parties. All of the above frocks are in 20th Century Foxy's Day Dresses area, but they would all be perfectly appropriate to wear to any fancy soirees (with the exception of black and white tie shindigs). I think they are all from Trashy Diva's line, one I've mentioned here before. Their designs are always lovely quality. The Jenny dress is the ideal little black number, with the perfect 1940s length, a fitted midriff and some natty seaming. The navy Halterneck Circle dress in resplendant in navy, broderie anglaise-looking cotton, looks super on amply proportioned girls, as the model ably demonstrates. Pair with red and white accessories for a patriotic look, or persimmon orange for a really authentic colour combination! Every girl should have a spotty frock, and the 40s style one above is perfect, taking you from tea to the tiles! And I love the yellow and black bow print of the cleverly draped 40s dress above - pencil-shaped at the back with authentic-looking swags at the front. Really, really, good repro in quality rayon.

Brits and ladies of Europe, please do take a moment to peruse 20th Century Foxy, because in addition to the lovely clobber, they also do some smashing accessories, shoes and even lingerie, to help you get that perfect silhouette under your new frock! And a little bird told me they will be getting in some new styles in a matter of days... happy frock buying!

Fleur xx


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