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Hello dear readers, old and new! It seems I was mentioned in the Times on Monday, which has led to more visitors, so if you're finding me through that, welcome! Pull up a pew and make yourselves at home!

I just wanted to show off the pictures from my super amazing (if I say so myself), surrealism-themed Halloween party! This party may prove to be the swansong of The Fox Presents, since though the guests all had a smashing time (or so they told me), it was entirely stressful from beginning to end. Some issues I will not go into, but the main shadow that cast a pall over the whole shindig was the appalling behaviour of Pernod Ricard.

They were, as you might recall, supposed to be sponsoring our event with their Absinthe. I organise, work at, and attend many events which feature sponsorship by spirits companies, and the premise is simple - they supply a quantity of their product, in exchange for the promotion and exposure. After the meeting the team had with Pernod, this is exactly what was agreed. Well, we fulfilled our part of the bargain, with the logo plastered all over our flyers, the website and this very blog; and the sampling of the free absinthe was an important part of the exposure as well. But at 6pm, two hours before the doors opened, our contact at Pernod got in touch and asked the manager of the Fox, 'You have bought the stock for the downstairs bar, haven't you?', to which he replied, rather non-plussed, that they were supposed to be supplying it. Well, she declared, if we hadn't bought in the necessary extra bottles, then she wasn't going to be doing the free fountain for us upstairs. No room for negotiation, and we weren't going to be able to get hold of such a quantity at the 11th hour. Even if we could afford it, which we can't. Absinthe is a very expensive drink to buy, even wholesale. But so is Hendrick's Gin, and they manage to supply a lot of it to sponsored events, in exchange for the promotion. We were happy offering our normal gin (etc) cocktails, and were only doing absinthe ones for Pernod, as they approached us! And so that was that.

Bear in mind that for one hour of free absinthe, plus enough for a small fraction of the cocktails sold (because not everyone likes the stuff and almost no one would drink more than one absinthe cocktail), we would have needed probably five bottles. Six at most. Perhaps two or three of them for the cocktails. So thanks Pernod. Thanks a lot.

Instead, we ran to Lounge Bohemia and got one bottle and to the wholesalers for a quantity of gin, at our own cost, and gave away punches for the first hour. No one seemed to mind, so we thank our amazing and generous guests for that.

If you fancy buying a bottle of absinthe in the future, why not go for something with a bit more class, like La Fee? ;)

Onto the fun bit now - photos! It was a very badly-kept secret that I was going to dress as Frida Kahlo for the night, complete with monobrow (but without moustache - what if there were handsome men there?!). It turned out brilliantly, again, if I say so myself! Here is a self-portrait!

I wore a beautiful reproduction 1930s dress in Halloween black and orange, purchased from the very talented Lauren at Wearing History. Though it in itself was not particularly Frida, the overall look was, I'm told. I was also told the monobrow suited me... not sure I'll encourage that one though! Hehe.

Onto some more photos of the night, pinched with permission from the amazing Agness Lugowska. You may remember Agness took the pictures for my Watercress Line Charity Calendar (please follow the link and buy one, if you so desire!). Agness looked brilliant in her costume, as did her friends, as indeed did every one of our amazingly stylish guests!

As you can see, we did keep the absinthe theme, with green liquid in bottles, surrounded by rose petals and apples!

Our guests looked amazing, especially Redlegs in her Dia de los Muertos outfit! There was a real mix of themed, traditional and downright crazy costumes! That's Agness with Beetlejuice!

The other key members of our team - Emerald Fontaine and the beautiful ReeRee Rockette, who was the perfect door dragon!

I have pinched these shots from the gorgeous (or should that be Gorgon?) Retro Chick, who you can see below right. The Lovecraftian eyes was possibly my favourite makeup job (well done lady!), but my friend Farhan went more topical in his choice. One person on the night told me they found his outfit offensive. But, like I did with 'Heidi Heil' at the Chap Olympiad, I am posting the picture here proudly. People are apparently most afraid of terrorists above all else, at the moment. Nothing reduces their power more than making them a figure of fun and ridicule, and I loved Farhan's costume and the sentiments behind it. He didn't go on the underground with the 'dynamite' strapped on though. ;)

Last but not least, some more photos of me!

Thank you everyone who made it an amazing night - the team, Albert Ball's Flying Aces, DJ Fruity and all the wonderful guests.

I'll be back soon with talk of winter V.I. Buys, lingerie, afternoon tea and more events for your diary!

Fleur xx


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