Smashing clobber!

Good people! I'm flying in and out to show off a rather smashing new suit I was sent by the splendid people at Puttin' on the Ritz. This new reproduction clothing label is based right here in Blighty, and everything they produce is made to measure and handsewn on these fair isles. The lovely Andrea, who is in charge, is a fan of this blog, and she got in touch to ask whether I'd be interested in modelling their forthcoming 'Spying for the Allies' suit. I didn't need to give that question a lot of thought, before I replied with an effusive affirmative, accompanied by lots of exclamation marks!

The design of the suit was itself something of a mystery, though it was described to me, and I saw a fabric swatch, so I knew it would be rather special. And when it arrived, dear readers, special it most certainly was. Have a look!

The deep green wool seemed to call out for some very 1940s colour matching, or rather, should I say, colour contrasting. Red 1940s platform shoes from Remix vintage, some red nappa leather gloves and a reproduction hat (with huge feather) I snaffled from a friend gave it an appropriately autumnal look, I felt.

As you can see, the suit is beautifully cut, with a sweetheart neckline, generous peplum, and fitted straight skirt, which features a fishtail drape. I did a shoot with a friend (these photographs being taken by my dear Dad as per), but am awaiting the results so I can show you (and indeed Andrea - sorry Andrea) the back, as well as a lovely silk blouse I also modelled. I do have a shot of the back of the jacket though!

I think you'll agree, this exquisite suit is perfect for the late autumn and winter months. Even the name, Spying for the Allies, gives it a romantic feel for me... I do feel like I could waft around indulging in some espionage! ;)

As the suit was made-to-measure for me, dear Andrea generously let me keep it, and so, Puttin' on the Ritz now have a sponsorship spot over there on my sidebar. I hope you'll have a look at their other gorgeous wares. My favourite is probably the Harlow gown, which would be just the thing for any fancy parties you may be attending over the festive season. Or even as a wedding dress! They also do some stunning skirts and trousers. Even options for the chaps!

Talking of Chaps, I am hoping to post my Chap interest section soon... if I can pin that Bounder who is writing it down...

Fleur xx


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