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Wotcher all!

I have a few new pictures to share with you, all with a similar theme ... knitwear! The knitting pattern book, A Stitch In Time, which I have mentioned several times before, is finally on the shelves, just in time for Christmas. You can buy it direct from Knit On The Net or from Amazon, and it would make the perfect gift for someone vintage obsessed, who can knit ... unlike me. Drat!

However, the pictures inside are fantastic (though I would say that, of course!). Here are a few of yours truly.

All images courtesy of Arbour House Publishing, copyright 2008.

I also received the first two images from my Rhythm Riot shoot for Rocket Originals. The shoes and the jumper are by Rocket and the trousers by my lovely friend Shona van Beers, who will have a site up in the new year, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

In non-modelling related news, I went to a fabulous party on Saturday night. The theme (and dress-code) was the decadence of the Weimar Republic, and I went on the hunt for an early 30s style frock to wear. I found the perfect one (or two in fact) in Warehouse, of all places. Not only was it a perfect 30s style, and pure silk, but it was actually floor length on me. So much so that I managed to rip the hem by standing on it, idiot! However, it was half price in their super credit crunch sale, so I'm not too annoyed (plus it is probably fixable).
Here's a picture of me winning a set of repro vintage luggage tags in the raffle.

Hope you are all enjoying the party season!
Pip pip!



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