My modelling year - done!

Sorry for not updating in almost 2 weeks, I really don't know where the time goes. Since my last post I have been on a Yoga weekend in Sussex, followed by a rockabilly weekender, also in Sussex, but worlds apart in terms of activities! During the first weekend I ate mountains of delicious, organic, vegetarian food, doing yoga (of course!) and walking through the beautiful English countryside. The weather was marvellous and we covered over 12 miles in the space of two days. No pictures though... it wasn't my most glamorous weekend ever!

The following one though, was a very different story! I went to Rhythm Riot, my first ever weekender! I jived, lindied, jitterbugged, bopped and strolled my way through three days and nights of fabulous vintage shopping and fashion, and had an absolute blast! Was I ever exhausted by the end! I also did a bit of modelling with ace photographer Tony Rusecki, partly for Shona who makes fabulous repro fashions and partly for Rocket Originals who make lovely shoes and jumpers. They have me two jumpers to say thank you! Here's a preview, both of the shoot and of the jumpers. Watch this space for more!

Here are some more of my purchases from the weekend:
A lovely repro coat from La Riviera

Two pairs of shoes, both great for dancing. The red ones are from Rocket.

A fabulous pair of fruit earrings. I've wanted some like this for ages! So Carmen Miranda!

There are a couple of photos from the weekend - I look horribly shiny and sweaty in them!
Me, Natasha Hall the fabulous makeup artist and champion Lindy Hopper, Tony Rusecki, photographer extraordinare, and the gorgeous and wonderful Shona van Beers.
Shona and I, after much dancing!

Finally, and the meaning behind my blog title: I did my very last shoot of 2008 yesterday. What a year. I began 2008 as a novice model, with a mere two shoots under my belt, and ended it as a much more experienced and confident one, with 18(ish, I have lost count and too tired to work it out!) behind me. Just for fun, here's my favourite shot from my first shoot of 2008:

And here's the latest:

And that's a wrap, folks!


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